Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trailer Hood Redesign

So about 4 years ago me and one of my good friends had this idea for a graphic novel that never got any further than a few character descriptions and some rough sketches. It was called 'TrailerHood' and one of the characters that I came up with was a little boy named, 'William Pumkin'. He was the only one I took to completion (see old drawings at the top) and I even created a maquette of him. I recently started going back to these characters and I'm wanting to make them all in zbrush and then someday pose them all for a big group render.

What inspired me to revisit this guy was a movie my wife and I watched called, 'Son of Rambow'. The bully in the movie totally reminded me of William so I took a picture of him from the movie and using liquify in photoshop, reshaped and painted over him into what I envisioned for the character.
So this is where I'm at after just a couple of hours. I'm still adding the hair pieces, (which takes forever) and then I have a bunch of expressions that I want to post as soon as I finish the teeth. Hope you guys dig it.