Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Sketchbook Project 2011

So, I decided last September that I was going to get back into sketching and participate in this Sketchbook Project that some of the guys at work were talking about doing. Art House sends you a moleskine for $24.00 and you can fill it with whatever you want, send it back by Jan 15th and it goes on a cross-country tour, then permanently into the Brooklyn Art Library. I started drawing in it but the paper was thin and of poor quality so I got annoyed and it sat on my desk at home for a few months.
Then a week ago, (in true procrastinator fashion) I decided to finish it so I began rummaging through a bunch of sketchbooks, stacks of papers and digital files looking for stuff that didn't totally suck that I could print out and stick into the moleskine. It ended up being pretty thick by the time I was done taping pages into it but I got it done and in the mail and it felt good to finish it. Even if only a handful of the pages were actually sketched for the book.

Here's the site that hosts the event: http://www.thesketchbookproject.com/

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